HTML5 for today usage

Tools that will be mentioned in the slides


Link prefetching is a proprietary syntax to give web browsers a hint about documents that it should pre-fetch because the user might visit them in the near future. (wiki)

Expanded form options

Known as web form 2.0, due to the fact that it makes the form more interactive

Input Type

Customized (or customizable) input field for each data type (email, phone, colorpicker, etc...).

Oh and lets not forget the list attribute - datalist which might be very useful in many case


Storing data the simple HTML5 way


Browser's built-in media player


The black art of location identification


There are two other orignially-HTML5 features that I'm particularly interested: Web Worker and WebSocket. But they are both too complicated and hence deserve their own TechTalk and I am pretty sure I am not the best one around to talk about them.

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